Balance Golf Nutrition

Balance Golf Nutrition Balance Golf Nutrition products increase energy, focus and hydration to give stamina out on the course – just like the pros. Water isn’t the most efficient way to stay hydrated. Balance Golf Nutrition hydration powder will help … Continued

Trendmall 紅外線 體溫 溫度計(家用版)

Trendmall 紅外線 體溫 溫度計(家用版) We supply barcodes to companies selling medical products and devices such as Trendmall International Ltd的業務範圍:智能家居及智能辦公室設備,LCD拼接屏,防疫消毒設備 快速人體測溫(額探),採用 TPU 親膚材質,貼着測,更準確,更舒適;高溫警報提醒,靈巧好用,輕鬆拿捏,長效續航,持久體驗。 Trendmall 冷敷寶 T9 屋企必備,潮流新產品,在流感高峰季節,應對孩子們突發性高燒 👍不像退燒貼,沒有化學藥物,沒有味道;可以隨時應急使用 👍溫度(攝氏16度~25度)隨意調教,小朋友感覺什麼溫度適合,由他們說的算,哈哈😍 👍內置鋰電池,充一次電,可以使用55分鐘 👍單次使用時間為20分鐘 👍極受各位媽媽的推崇! 使用方法: 第一次按開關後需長按2秒鐘,馬上進入工作狀態,5秒後,顯示屏顯示剩餘工作時間(20分鐘) 剩餘工作時間結束後,進入待機狀態,停止工作 產品資料: 溫度調節範圍: 攝氏16度~25度 使用環境溫度: 攝氏10度~35度 電池使用時間: … Continued

Fa’ce Cosmetics

Cologne Soap Fa’ce Cosmetics Colonge Soap reduces melasma, freckles and dark spots. It also helps make the skin naturally whiter. ✔ Helps to balance the skin color to be radiant, white and pink. ✔ Helps to make the skin radiant, … Continued

Nattawong 2016 Company Limited

Nattawong 2016 Company Limited Nattawong produces drinking water under the customer’s brand. Helps customers remember your brand or event. In every aspect of the production process, we pay the highest attention to clean, safe drinking water delivered to customers. This … Continued

Catt’s Kitchen

CATT’S KITCHEN 100% All Natural From Nature     Catt’s Kitchen was founded during the pandemic of 2020 to provide a source of employment for locals while creating all natural foods from Nature. They needed peanut butter barcodes. Catt’s Kitchen … Continued


Lantos Using “GO GREEN” technology, Lantos Thailand Company Limited produces a natural range of corrosion inhibitors Lantos products use renewable resources from light lanolin liquid lubricant, seed greases and eco synthetic oils to reduce the use of petroleum. LANTOS products … Continued


Geneve Established in 1989 Sum Puk Limited manufactures the finest leather products including genuine stingray leather, crocodile leather, ostrich leather and sea-snake leather products. Geneve Thailand produce and export premium quality Stingray leather products fashion accessories for women and men … Continued


PFC COMPANION COMPANY LIMITED                  PFC COMPANION COMPANY LIMITED is a distributor of a wide range of quality pet health care products. PFCC specialise in pet products for dogs, cats, horses, rabbits and … Continued

Rai View Farm

Rai View Farm Rai View Farm produces Mulberry Tea.    Mulberry tea has many great health benefits. High blood pressure, heart disease, high cholesterol will benefit from drinking Mulberry Tea, Mulbery Tea can: ❤ nourish the heart ❤ lower blood … Continued