What are ITF-14 barcodes used for, and do I need one?

Some larger retail chains require you to have ITF-14 Barcodes (‘carton codes’) on the cartons of your product. They are bigger barcodes and are 14 digits. This is so the retailer can scan them into their inventory system at inward goods. Carton codes are not used at retail level, but are instead used for warehouse stock tracking. They cannot be scanned at the checkout ITF-14 Carton codes can be created based on your EAN-13 barcode by adding a digit to the front of it (this means that up to 10 ITF-14 Carton codes can be created for one EAN-13).

  • ITF-14 Carton Code Images

    IMMEDIATE DELIVERY BY EMAIL: Your ITF-14 carton code images will be emailed through to you in 4 different formats (.jpg, .pdf, .png, .svg) straight away.

    Please enter your EAN-13 barcode number into the “barcode number” section when you get to the checkout page  (or type ‘N/A’ if you are purchasing an EAN-13 barcode at the same time as your ITF-14 barcode).

    Our system will use your EAN-13 barcode number to create your ITF-14 barcode images.

    Quantity    Price per carton code
    1 $ 190
    2 $ 140 each
    3 $ 100 each
    4 + $ 80 each
    10 + $ 40 each
    20 + $ 25 each
    50 + $ 12 each


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Sample ITF-14 Carton Code

Download Sample ITF-14 Carton Code (zip file)

Order Turn Around:

Your ITF-14 Barcodes will be automatically generated and emailed to you straight away in 4 file formats after you place your order if you supply your EAN-13 or UPC-A barcode number when you get to the checkout page (or if you purchase an EAN-13 barcode package at the same time).

If you don’t provide your product barcode number in the checkout form, but email it to us separately after your order, then we will need to create your ITF-14 barcode images manually (this usually takes 2-12 hours).