Custom QR Code

Grab your customers attention with custom QR codes. Many of our clients are choosing customised QR codes to reflect their brand image and have some fun with their product packaging.

We can add colour, logo or a call to action to your QR code. To be able to do this, we need the URL or other information you wish encoded into the QR code.

Custom QR code buy now Custom QR code wedding RSVP Custom QR code coffee qr code 23



Decide what colours you want (2 colours max) and let us know the colour numbers from the Canva colour wheel.

Click here to see custom QR code examples

Email us your logo as a high resolution jpeg file. Or if you want a call to action (CTA) let us know which CTA you want (e.g ‘Buy Now’, ‘Subscribe’)

At at the checkout page enter the data or URL required into the “additional information” box on the right side of checkout page.

Custom QR codes take between 2-12 hours as made manually.

V business cards can only be static format.

Receive your QR code images in 4 formats svg, png, pdf and eps formats.
NOTE: If purchasing multiple QR Codes at the same time, our discounted pricing structure requires that they all be made at the same time.

We have TWO types of QR codes available here for website URLs – Static and Dynamic (via URL hosting service)

  • Quantity    Price per Custom QR code
    1 $400


    STATIC QR Codes
    – these encode YOUR URL directly in the QR code
    – these are permanent – they will work as long as your website URL doesn’t change
    – they can’t be changed, as the URL is encoded directly in the QR Code
    – unlimited scans
    (these can also be used for things other than URLs eg encoding text, v business cards, sending an email or SMS message)

    DYNAMIC QR Codes
    – these use our Dynamic QR Code service – to enable the target URL to be changed in the future if required
    – unlimited scans¹
    – lifetime redirection²
    – target URL can be changed at any time³
    – user tracking available°

    ¹ Fair use allowed
    ² Initial purchase includes redirection for 2 years. After this, there is a fee of $80 pa
    ³ Redirection cost $80 per change
    ° Tracking reports are available at low cost – pricing depends on frequency, complexity of reports, and how many QR Codes are being tracked

    Select options

Call to Action

We can add a call to action to your QR code such as ‘BUY NOW‘, ‘SUBSCRIBE‘ or ‘CALL US‘.

Examples of all the types of QR customisation.

There are 4 areas of customization we can adjust when customizing your QR code: colour, logo/call to action, eyes (the 3 corners) and body.

  • Colour: You can choose between a singular colour or a gradiant (Linear; top to bottom or Radial; inside to outside) You can also choose the colour of both the inside and outside of the eyes. You can choose upto 4 colours total. You can pick specific colours here and message us the colour codes you want. E.g. #528118, #ff4e00, #af5beb etc.
  • Logo or Call to Action: You can choose to incorporate a logo or Call to Action in the centre of your QR code
  • Eyes: You can choose the shape and colour of both the inside and outside of the Eyes
  • Body: You can choose the shape of the main body of your QR code

For standard QR codes click here.