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Smart Supplement於2015年成立,迅速成為香港極受歡迎的健身補充品專門店,網店銷售以外亦設有多間實體店,獨家代理多款頂級品牌。



「聰明健身」就是Smart Supplement的口號,因為我們相信因應個人健身目標、體質、飲食習慣及訓練情況,並且根據健身科學,選擇最合適的補充品及訓練配套,令健身成效事半功倍,就是「聰明」的「健身」方法。

Smart Supplement以開放、透明的態度積極分享健身及補充品的最新資訊,店內所有產品由健身教練團隊挑選及親身試用,明確為你分析成分、適用狀況和預期效果,確定所揀選的產品有效而且不損健康。

在2020年Smart Supplement與全球最大運動營養品供應商之一Nutrition Depot品牌聯營香港零售業務,連接銷售量最高的跨國供應網絡,繼續為香港用家帶來更多更好的產品。Nutrition Depot總部設在澳洲,代理品牌數十多個,銷售地區覆蓋十多個國家和地區,更設有自家品牌和生產工場。

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Smart Supplement Smart Fitness

Established in 2015, Smart Supplement has quickly become a very popular fitness supplement specialty store in Hong Kong. In addition to online sales, we also have a number of physical stores. We are also exclusive agents of many top brands.

The management team understands the nutritional needs of Asian people. We provide safe, high-quality and effective fitness nutritional supplements. Therefore, over the years, we have successfully helped countless beginners start their fitness journey and achieve their ideal body shape.

Smart Supplement actively shares the latest information on fitness and supplements with an open and transparent attitude. All products in the store are selected by a team of fitness coaches and tried in person. We clearly analyze the ingredients, applicable conditions and expected effects for you to ensure that the selected products are effective and no harm to health.

“Smart Fitness” is the slogan of Smart Supplement because we believe that in response to personal fitness goals, physique, eating habits and training conditions, and according to fitness science, choose the most suitable supplements and training packages to make fitness more effective, that is, “smart” The “fitness” method.

While distributing high-quality nutritional supplements, we operate a fitness website. We bring more useful information to fitness enthusiasts. The cumulative number of views exceeds nearly 10 million*, and the cumulative number of website users exceeds 1.5 million.

In 2020, Smart Supplement and Nutrition Depot, one of the world’s largest sports nutrition suppliers, will jointly operate the Hong Kong retail business, connecting the multinational supply network with the highest sales volume, and continue to bring more and better products to Hong Kong users. Headquartered in Australia, Nutrition Depot acts as an agent for more than ten brands, and its sales area covers more than ten countries and regions. It also has its own brands and production plants.