Siam NTD Corporation

In response to the global Covid-19 pandemic, Bangkok-based company Siam NTD Corporation Co., Ltd started making medical examination gloves as well as many other products they previously made. Their company slogan is  ‘Let us protect you’ outside of Siam NTD factory

The product range includes medical examination gloves nitrile powder-free examination gloves are

  • latex-free,
  • ambidextrous,
  • non-sterile
  • designed for one-time use only to minimise cross contamination

The gloves are available in blue, white and clear.

Siam NTD Corp. uses barcodes from our barcode network. They have developed a great business. They now sell their gloves internationally which is helping to slow the spread of Covid-19.

doctor putting on clear Siam NTD Corporation medical gloves buy Siam NTD Corporation white medical gloves Siam NTD Corporation blue medical examination gloves