How Many Barcodes Do I Need?

Generally speaking, a different barcode is needed per unique product or SKU. This means that if you have various sizes or colours, then you need a different barcode. This is especially true if the price is likely to change between the products. In this case you definitely need different barcodes.

In some cases it is possible to have the same barcode on different product variations (i.e. different colours). This depends on the store, as many stores use barcodes both for establishing price and reordering information. Some stores however only use barcodes for establishing the price at the checkout. In this case you may be able to use the same barcode on different product variations (as long as the price doesn’t change).

In general, the easier you make it for retailers, the more likely to stock and keep stocking your product they will be. So, if at all possible we would recommend having different barcode number for each variation (SKU).

Different retailers and regions have varying standards, and it is important to pick the right barcode to avoid unnecessary hassle and confusion when your goods make it to a store.

For example if you sell t-shirts and you have 3 sizes and 3 colours, you will need 3 x 3 = 9 barcodes. You use the same barcode on the same product forever i.e. you can sell millions of each variation with the same barcode.

How many barcodes pastel

two types of coffee beans each in a 200g and 500g pack then you need 4 barcodes.

three different flavours of beer. Each beer is sold in a can, a 6-pack and a 24-pack. You need 9 barcodes.

If you require a large quantity of barcode numbers, please contact us for a quote.

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$4,900.00 ($49.00 per barcode).

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