barcodes for handmade products

Inbaan says the biggest challenge since the beginning of 2020 has been Covid-19 virus. It was like an alarm that woke us up us to look back at what did we do to ourselves and also to the planet. Inbaan uses barcodes from our network  on their range of handmade products

It is time to change. From personal habits like healthy food & skincare or mentally like exercises & meditation or treating the world on how to reduce pollution by having a sustainable living style.

InBAAN aims to set up a “New Age Community” as the destination for a range of products that are handmade at home. The products are hand-picked for healthy living style. They use only natural ingredients for food, snacks, sauces, drinks etc. Every product from different home maker. Each home has its own story but with the same philosophy of strengthening the mind, body and spirit.


barcodes for handmade products Inbann honey bottle barcodes for handmade products Inbaan red Japanese Knot Bag