Products Using Our Barcodes         Products Using Our Barcodes with Made in Hong Kong barcode

Below is a list of some of the customers that use our barcodes, giving you an idea of the range of products for which we have supplied barcodes. Our customers range from multi-national companies to startup businesses, graphic designers, brewers, export companies, marketing specialists, magazine designers, book publishers and even schools who use barcodes on library books.

We aim to make barcodes affordable and easy. Getting a product to market takes a lot of investment in both time and money and the last thing many people think about is the barcode. Hence we make it simple and fast to order your barcodes online and receive them in five minutes so you can get them to your graphic designer or packaging company.

We are happy to advise you on barcodes as we know it can be confusing at first. We have also compiled information to help you get your barcodes right first time round.

Please see our Barcode Printing Tips and Barcode Dimensions pages

Most products use your EAN-13 barcodes. Below are just a few examples. EAN-13 barcodes are for use on all retail products except books and magazines, which require ISBN and ISSN numbers from a different numbering system.

Clothing – childrenswear from ADKIDZ

Bags – brands such as CAPITAL K

Music – instruments made by Nuvo

Beer – made by Gweilo Beer

Gin – made by Perfume Trees Gin

Beauty – make up range from Popstar Cosmetics

Parenting – baby products by Hang Yip International Holdings Ltd

Some of the Products Using Our Barcodes

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