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Established in 1989 Sum Puk Limited manufactures the finest leather products including genuine stingray leather, crocodile leather, ostrich leather and sea-snake leather products. Geneve Thailand bags use barcodes from our network.

Geneve Thailand produce and export premium quality Stingray leather products fashion accessories for women and men such as handbags, shoulder bags, purses, wallets, belts, name card holder and small coin purse.

Products are created under their own brand “Geneve” (or “GN”), which is a registered trademark. They pay attention to every detail starting from leather selection, washing, dying, polishing, painting & coloring, cutting and stitching to get finished goods ready to be delivered to the customers. All Sum Puk Limited products are of superior quality and beautiful designs as the result of very neat craftsmanship.

They have added new technique in coloring used on our products such as metallic colour and crystal color. Sum Puk Limited have also developed half-polished (50%) and also flat-polished (80%) stingray leather to get a soft-touch quality. In addition to this, they have been developing customers’ own design and patterns to achieve the best satisfaction”.

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