How Can Barcodes Be Sold For a One-off cost?

Here is the history around why we can sell barcodes for a one-off cost. In the 1990’s GS1 was established in many countries. GS1 license their 13 digit barcode numbers to their members. However, there was a separate organisation in the USA, called the Uniform Code Council (UCC). The UCC  sold 12 digit barcode numbers to their members for a one-off cost. There were no ongoing license fees. The UCC was competing with GS1. Their 12 digits numbers were effectively a subset of the 13 digit system.

In the late 1990s, the UCC merged with GS1, becoming GS1-US. As part of this change, they decided to start charging annual license fees for all of their members, including those who had paid a one-off fee for barcode numbers in the 1990s. Of course, many of these members weren’t happy with the new annual license fees, and so a group of them ended up in class action law suit with GS1.

The UCC members won in the courts in the early 2000s. It resulted in a multimillion dollar settlement by GS1. A further consequence of this court case is the proof that the original numbers issued by the UCC in the 1990s are outside of GS1’s control now, and hence no license fees are required.  These are the numbers are bought by resellers and onsold. These barcodes are supplied for a one-off cost. They are ‘new’ numbers, in that they have never been used on a retail product, and are part of the GS1 system.