Buy Barcode Labels in Hong Kong

A common question from our customers is “where can I buy barcode labels” for use on my retail products in Hong Kong?

This might be because they are importing or buying local products to onsell, and these products don’t have barcodes on them, or the barcodes don’t work. Or alternatively it might be because they have been so excited about creating their product and getting it to market that they didn’t realise they needed a barcode. Or possibly because they have been selling their product for many of years without a barcode, and now a retailer somewhere is asking them to put a barcode on it.

Whatever the reason, they need to buy barcode labels. Hong Kong retailers are increasingly requesting barcodes, so this is a common situation.

We can supply retail barcode labels for use on products for sale in Hong Kong and worldwide. Follow this link for Label Express

We can also supply barcode labels for books, magazines, CDs, DVDs and virtually any retail product.

The barcode labels come on a roll for easy use.

The price includes delivery within mainland HK. Our printing is usually done the next working day – but please allow up to 3 working days for printing.