FAQ – Do Your Barcodes Work in Every Shop?

The vast majority of stores internationally will accept our barcodes, however there are one or two exceptions in a few countries. As far as we know, none of the exceptions occur in HK – the only store with any kind of barcode restrictions here is ASDA who require verification reports which we can arrange.

If you are selling your product internationally there is a chance that some of the restrictions will affect you. Below are the stores that won’t accept our barcodes based on the country:

USA – Walmart, Sam’s Club, Krogers, Fred Mayers, Macy’s & JC Penney’s

Australia – Super Cheap Retail Group

China – Some retailers mistakenly believe that barcodes need to have the correct corresponding country code to their country of origin. This means they can be reluctant to distribute products with our bar codes on them.

There are other stores with various different restrictions that don’t stop our barcodes. The most common of these is stores that require verification reports. Please see barcode acceptance for a full list of stores that require verification or have other restrictions.