Barcode Scanning Apps

Barcode registration is an optional service that we provide. It improves your product’s visibility on the internet. Products with our barcodes show on a google search after registration.

It is not compulsory to register your barcode and product. Your barcode will work without registration. You still need to send your product information and barcode number to each retailer. Barcodes purchased from us include registration.

If you already have barcode numbers from elsewhere and just need barcode registration, you can register your barcode number and product details on the major internet databases. This means that your product will join the many other products already registered in these databases, and when search engines index the results your barcode number and product details will be findable in internet searches. 

Once you have registered your barcodes on the internet, use a barcode scanning app on your smartphone to confirm that your barcodes have been successfully registered. There are many barcode scanning apps available on the market. The leading market app is the Zebra Barcode Scanner which searches the as well as other major barcode databases on the Internet;,, and various other databases

In the event that product information doesn’t appear directly on, the app searches other databases. This means that you have the highest chance of returning the product information of any barcode that you scan. Click here to go to the app. Save the app to your phone’s home-screen and then you can scan barcodes at any time.