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Save money with our barcode savers. Getting a barcode for your product is quick and cheap with HK Barcodes.

We support start-ups, entrepreneurs and large businesses by making barcodes easy and affordable.

Save money with our barcode savers:

  • No ongoing fees (a one-off cost).
  • No joining fee or membership fees.
  • Registration included. We include barcode registration in our barcode packages.
  • Bulk packages that are competitively priced. You can buy in bulk and use some now an keep the rest for new products.
  • We offer barcode number AND image packages.
  • Our barcodes are globally accepted. There is no need to buy separate barcodes if you want to sell your product in other countries.
  • We check all our barcodes for illegal use. It can be a costly exercise if you buy “cheap” barcodes that might already be in use as you would likely need to retract your products from retailers as the number is already in use.
  • We can supply verification reports on our barcodes before you do a full product run to ensure that your packaging meets scannability requirements by retailers.
  • Our barcodes are automatically emailed to you from your order. You will receive your barcodes in 5 minutes so can get your product to market faster with no costly delays.
  • We offer lots of advice and support to our clients.

We recommend that when looking for barcode savers you consider the following:

  • Check the numbers are legal. Country code prefixes such as 489 are only available from GS1 HK.
  • Check for good reviews that are verified – genuine happy customers are a good sign!
  • Buy from resellers that have a long-standing presence in your market AND internationally.
  • Make sure your resellers have been around long enough that they can provide experience and expertise in barcodes.
  • Check to make sure they offer after-sales service. Do they have a phone number or email address you can contact them on if you experience any issues?
  • And lastly, can they demonstrate any products that are currently using their barcodes?

Barcode Sellers – Warnings aims to provide accurate and up-to-date information on the different barcode sales sites throughout the world. This is because many different sites are competing for sales which have hugely different levels of quality regarding their barcodes.

It can be pricey printing your product packaging. And if something as simple as the barcode goes wrong, it can be a costly and time-consuming process reprinting the packaging or sticking sticky labels over the barcode.

See some of the products using our barcodes.

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