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The price of our products vary depending on what type of barcode you want & the quantity you need.

Retail barcode packages vary in price according to the amount of barcodes you need. The prices for barcode packages can be viewed here (you will receive a unique barcode number; barcode images; a guarantee certificate; and barcode registration).

If you already have your barcode numbers we can make the barcode images for you. The prices for barcode images can be viewed here.

Barcode Registration

Our barcode packages include FREE registration. If you got your barcodes elsewhere we can still register them. Barcode Registration is an optional service we offer that can improve the internet presence of your product, and help your product information to appear when the barcode is scanned via mobile phone scanning apps. Please visit the Barcode Registration Page for further details.

Custom Barcode Artwork

Barcodes are usually the ugliest part of product packaging. Hence we offer a custom barcode artwork service to to transform barcodes from being purely functional to integrate with your product design, or even enhancing the design.

If you have a good designer, they can modify the barcode for you. However this is often expensive, and sometimes they damage the actual barcode so it won’t scan well.

We have dedicated designers that can provide customer barcode artwork for you. You need to purchase the barcode number first, and then tell us about your company and products. Then our designers can create a design for you.

Barcode Verification Reports

It is mainly some of the bigger supermarket chains in Australia and New Zealand who require verification. Verificate is a test of the barcode on the packaging or on the artwork. We can provide verification reports if you retailers request them. We will need to receive a copy of your product packaging (with the barcode printed on it). Please visit our Barcode Verification Page to place an order for this.

Barcode Labels

Please go to the Barcode Labels page to place an order.