Barcode Artwork

Have some fun with your barcodes fun. Add artwork to make your products stand out from the crowd. Barcode artwork can link to your brand image or products.

However you must ensure that the actual barcode still scans so make sure you test your barcodes before mass printing to see if they still scan The barcode itself must be kept intact, in order to maintain the functionality of your barcode (for more information please see barcode dimensions).

It is best to build the art around, on top of or below the barcode image to avoid readability issues when the barcode is scanned. There isn’t much point in having barcodes that look great but don’t scan. There needs to be a solid amount of unaltered barcode ideally 30x20mm in size. Also make sure the left and right white spaces (the “quiet zones’) are not removed as these white spaces are part of the barcode. If you remove the them the barcode will not scan.

We offer a custom barcode artwork service. Our team of designers are able to turn your barcode into something that better matches your brand image or product.

Click here for more information on customising your barcode

Have a look at Pinterest for more ideas.